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Join entrepreneur, coach, and Facebook VP Nikhyl Singhal as he offers guidance on navigating important career decisions, management challenges, and personal crossroads. For many, career is one of the most critical parts of identity. Yet most people don’t have a clear sense of how to maximize their current position, evaluate job transitions, or invest in the right long-term skills to optimize their professional life. Unfortunately, if you work at a company, your manager is rarely capable or incentivized to help you develop the necessary skills or to think through transitions. And most self-help books and articles focus on your current role, not on the next one or on any sort of long-term career roadmap.


Nikhyl advises nearly a hundred leaders on their tech careers. Nikhyl is certain, however, there are many others also looking to become more intentional about their career choices – which has led him to produce this podcast. Each edition, Nikhyl will dive into some of the common questions he encounters and give his distinctive insight with the hope of reaching as many people as possible. Though Nikhyl mostly works with tech leaders, he believes the themes apply to anyone looking to shape a fulfilling career.