The Skip

The Skip

The Skip podcast helps tech professionals get ahead in their career. It’s hosted by Nikhyl Singhal, a successful founder, head of product, and executive. Nikhyl has helped scale four of the most successful tech products ever: Facebook, Credit Karma, Google Photos, and Google Hangouts. And he coaches more than 100 executives, managers, and rising stars in navigating important career decisions, management challenges, and personal crossroads to maximize their happiness and professional life.

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Recent Episodes

Balancing Work and Life: Insights from Nikhyl and the Skip CPO group

March 13, 2023

In this podcast episode, Nikhyl is joined once again by Anneka Gupta, Annie Pearl, Briana Ings, and Shirley Lin. The group explores the topics of how to recognize and recover from burnout, as well as to achieve a healthy wor…


How to avoid getting stuck in your career with Shreyas Doshi

Feb. 27, 2023

Shreyas Doshi has led & scaled products at Stripe, Twitter, Google, and Yahoo in over 15 years as a product manager & PM leader. In this next chapter of his career, he is an advisor for fast-growing startups across the globe…

Explaining Equity and Executive Compensation with Goodwin Procter

Feb. 13, 2023

#4: Equity, stock, options, and compensation; a complex topic that has essentially limitless negotiable options. We are going to be walking through the basics to lay a foundation and then we will break down the most common m…